American Red Oak: Meaning & Use

The American red oak is the symbol tree of the state of New Jersey.

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Red Oak

Introduced in Europe in 1724, it is often used as an alignment tree in cities because it resists pollution . Red oak owes its name to the reddish tint of its wood .

Why does EcoTree plant Red Oaks?

EcoTree plants red oaks because they have a great resistance to drought. In addition, red oaks maintain higher photosynthetic activity than other oaks.

Red Oak - Overview

Red Oak - Overview

The red oak ( Quercus Rubra ) suffers from the comparison imposed on it with native oaks, which limits the introduction and understanding of the qualities of this essence.
The American red oak is a fast growing tree that can reach 20 to 30 m in height.
It is characterized by a smooth trunk of silver gray color, which cracks when the tree ages. Its twigs are reddish brown and its large leaves cut into seven or nine lobes turn red in autumn and remain on the tree for much of the winter.
Flowering appears in spring, on the twigs of the year. The male flowers are long, hanging yellow catkins and the females are small, ovoid and red.
The fruits are small, fluffy green then brown acorns, maturing after two years and are a food source for white-tailed deer, rodents and birds .
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Red Oak

Red Oak - Species requirements

American red oak prefers clay soils . Planting is done in autumn or spring. Its roots are deep and spread out. It likes light, well-drained and acidic or neutral soils but does not support limestone.
Red oak requires sunny or semi-shaded exposure . It is very rustic and tolerates winter temperatures of around -35 ° C and air pollution . It is also resistant to periods of drought, poor soils and powdery mildew. During the first two years after planting, the American red oak requires regular watering.

The Red Oak's wood

It is a wood that works well with few knots , a grain straighter than common oaks: excellent wood used by carpentry, cabinetmaking.
Its heartwood has good technological qualities . However, it is not very durable and is not suitable for making staves.

Red Oak Symbolism

The red oak is often associated with absolute love. It is probably because of its vivid colour, its leaves that turn red in the autumn and its ever-shining appearance that the American red oak represents passionate and absolutelove. When we talk about red, a feeling comes immediately to mind: " passion". It is therefore the ideal gift for Valentine's Day and a love wish to your loved one. How about turning a bouquet of red roses into an original and lasting Valentine's Day gift?

Plant trees to say "I love you": because love takes root, grows and blossoms!