Ploerdut Forest


  scattered clouds

  18.1  °C

  59  %

  4.19  km/h

  1025  hPa
atmospheric pressure

Located in Brittany, our Ploërdut forest is made up of four individual plots that we acquired gradually over a period of time. Only one of the plots was already a planted forest, when we bought it, the three others were meadows.
Thus, we are developing a new uneven-aged forest comprising multiple tree species such as Douglas fir, Red Oak, Ceder, Sitka Spruce, Scots Pine, and Chestnut.

The forest is an old clearcut, non-replanted forest; as soon as it was taken over by EcoTree in spring 2019, major land reclamation work was started to replant a majestic massif. Therefore, a new coniferous forest is now beginning to show the tip of its needles, composed of an irregularly shaped forest plot with a mixture of Sitka spruce and cedar, and a pre-existing Douglas fir plot with accompanying species.

PEFC Certification : : Yes

Adoption of management documents : Jun 17, 2019

Management turnaround : May 20, 2019

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on 01/04


A photo of Ploerdut Forest