Ploemel Forest


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  19.95  °C

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  1023  hPa
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Near the town of Auray in Brittany in France, the Ploemel forest extends over about ten hectares. Since we took over management of the forest, 9,000 tree seedlings have been planted. The planting was carried out over a surface area of 6 hectares and consists mainly of maritime pine and Monterey pine, two species that are particularly well adapted to the sandy loam soil of this region of southern Brittany.
A honey hedge borders the plot to the east. There is also a wetland of around 2 hectares, embankments and old trees that we are preserving along a 2.6-hectares surface area, as well as a honey hedge.

Nous plantons sur une surface de 6 hectares du pin maritime ainsi que du pin taeda. Une haie mellifère de près de 360 mètres plantée en 2023 bordera la parcelle à l'Est. Il existe également une zone humide d'environ 2 hectares qui fera l'objet d'une étude écologique.

PEFC Certification : : No

Management turnaround : Dec 17, 2021

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on 01/03