Faouët Forest


  clear sky

  8.86  °C

  93  %

  2.19  km/h

  1015  hPa
atmospheric pressure

The Faouët forest is located in Brittany in France and is divided into 5 plots that we acquired between 2017 and 2022.
The various plots are bordered by two rivers and cover nearly 50 hectares in total. Our objective is to have uneven-aged stands on all the plots, while at the same time enriching the existing biodiversity and increasing the production of timber and industrial wood within the framework of sustainable forestry.
The first plot of the Faouët forest (15 ha.), which we took over management of in 2017, is located in a large, rich and almost unmodified natural area, offering significant biological potential (type 2 ZNIEFF meaning extensive, largely unspoilt natural spaces with significant biological potential.). It is mainly planted with oak, beech and chestnut, to which Douglas fir, red oak and Sitka spruce were added in 2018 by planting.
Approximately 11 ha. of another part of the forest are former farmlands where we have planted with Douglas fir, redwood, cedar and chestnut.
The last 24 ha. was acquired in March 2022. We have planted poplars, Douglas firs and maritime pines on the plot.

It is in the Morvan Country, after the first unified King of Brittany, who successfully resisted the Frankish armies of Louis the Debonair, that the forest of the same name is located. Is it because of this harsh period that silage trees on the ground find their strength? Chestnut, Oak, Douglas and Spruce trees make up this small piece of land. And they were undoubtedly the objects of inspiration for the many painters and French and foreign photographers who made Le Faouët one of the main artistic centers of inland Brittany. Who better than nature to combine colours and matter?

PEFC Certification : : Yes

Adoption of management documents : Nov 23, 2017

Management turnaround : Jan 2, 2017

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on 01/04


A photo of Faouët Forest