Langoëlan Forest, France

Want customer loyalty to blossom?

Then support their green life goals! Consumers want help from companies like yours to protect the planet.

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Langoëlan Forest, France

Then support their green life goals! Consumers want help from companies like yours to protect the planet.

Empowering your customers

The deep-rooted meaning of trees as loyalty rewards

At EcoTree, we grow forests for wildlife, carbon capture and sustainable timber. So we know a thing or two about environmental action. Plant trees for your customers, and we’ll empower them to act for the planet too.


Protecting nature

Make your customer a tree owner, so they can engage in preserving Europe’s forests and protect the biodiversity that’s at the heart of our forestry.


Acting on climate change

Consumers are looking for concrete ways to combat climate change. As tree owners, they’ll increase the planet’s carbon sink and can quantify their contribution.


Investing in a green future

As a forester, your customer will support the UN SDG on sustainable resources. When their tree is eventually cut for timber, all the profit is theirs.

The why

Why rewarding loyalty with trees will boost customer engagement


of Europeans see climate change as a serious problem.


of consumers would like brands to help them be more environmentally friendly.


believe a company taking action on climate change is more innovative and competitive.


of consumers prefer companies that prioritise environmental protection.

Source: Forbes, Accenture & Eurobarometer

Tree offers

2 ways to cultivate customer loyalty


Support your customers’ green life goals. Plant a tree every time they purchase from you.

Your company gets:

A sales & loyalty boost

100% of the tree’s profit

To act on CSR strategy

Buy one,
get one tree

Offer your customers a tree when they purchase your product or service.

Your customer gets:

To act for the environment

100% of the tree’s profit

Good feels about your company

Custom partnerships

How HSBC works with EcoTree to engage customers

Each time a customer purchases life insurance with HSBC they celebrate by planting a tree. One policy, one tree. It’s a lifetime partnership. For the good of the planet!

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