Sustainable, eco-friendly corporate gifts

Give trees and support forests for a green corporate gift that lasts a lifetime.

Choose a gift

You can choose from two types of eco-friendly corporate gifts. Our helpful support can personalise a gift package just for you.


Trees in our forests

Meaningful and last for decades

Supports sustainable forestry

A tangible asset, which increases in value over time

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Monthly forest subscriptions

Show employees your sustainable values

Untaxed investment and salary package

Reward loyal team members and clients

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Corporate Christmas gift

A meaningful, sustainable gift

A tool for awareness

A way to solidify your engagement

Gifts that keep on giving

Good business is built on relationships that last. Here’s why giving trees and supporting biodiversity projects make for corporate gifts they’ll never forget.

Show who you are

Show your customers, clients and team just how seriously you take your company’s environmental and CSR commitments.

Fight climate change

Trees capture the CO2 that causes global warming and are essential to biodiversity throughout their lifetime.

Create real value

At the end of their life, the trees are cut for sustainable timber with minimal impact on the forest. All the profit goes to whoever receives your gift.

Support local forestry

Your gift directly supports local foresters and craftspeople who do important environmental work in their communities.

Easy to give, easy to own

Easy to give, easy to own

You don't even have to wrap it. We'll take care of the gift process from start to finish.

Contact our team who will create a company gift just for you.

Give your trees to their new owners by email or a PDF download.

With only one click, the recipient creates an EcoTree account and activate their gift.

We send them updates twice a year, and they can check progress online anytime.


Why trees make a great gift

Your average corporate gifts like bottles of wine, chocolate, mugs and pens are impersonal, quickly forgotten and harm the environment. It doesn't have to be that way. You can say thank you with a meaningful gift that's also good for the planet!

Help your clients and team protect our planet and secure a greener future.

Give your gift digitally or in person and avoid emission-heavy, consumer goods.

When the trees are cut for sustainable timber, all profits go to their owner.

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A gift that shows your company values

A gift that shows your company values

A recent French study showed more than 89% of companies that offer corporate gifts say they want to use them to share their values. At the same time, surveys show that sustainability and the environment are important when attracting employees.
When you give the gift of trees, you are supporting sustainable forestry, the fight against climate change and the conservation of biodiversity. You are also helping both your company and whoever receives your gift meet vital CSR targets.
Trees are a meaningful gift suitable for all occasions, from celebrating birthdays and anniversaries to welcoming new team members. Through an online EcoTree account, tree owners can follow the progress of their trees, which could be part for internal meetings or company communications.
With EcoTree, you can give green corporate gifts that communicate your sustainability strategy in a meaningful way. Your biggest challenge? Choosing which tree species to give or biodiversity project to support.
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What our partners say

What our partners say

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Marie-Paule Maury

Marie-Paule Maury

QWL and CSR Manager, SNCF

"We give trees to our employees whenever they welcome a child. We are proud to be at the side of EcoTree in favour of the forest. Thank you for your action!"
Lydia Bouchereau

Lydia Bouchereau

CSR Manager, Orange

"We are very happy with this partnership with EcoTree; a local and environmentally virtuous company that helps us reach our CSR goals."

Your gift supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

We are experts in sustainable forest management. The trees you buy in our forests sequester carbon and help slow the erosion of biodiversity. When you buy EcoTree trees, you actively help the planet work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to the fight against climate change.

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