Raising awareness, taking action

By managing forests sustainably and preserving biodiversity, we can respond to the urgency of climate change!

We are EcoTree

We are EcoTree

EcoTree enables companies to respond to climate emergencies by taking tangible action to preserve nature in France and Europe. Having a positive impact on the climate by contributing to the growth of sustainable forests and the preservation of biodiversity is possible thanks to our Nature-based Solutions. We guarantee the expertise, transparency and quality of every project we develop.
We are guided by four principles: honesty, simplicity, optimism and boldness.
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A proven concept that works

1.8 million trees

That’s how many trees we’ve planted or sustainably managed since our launch in 2014.

500+ projects

Our biodiversity conservation includes beehives, wetlands, ponds and peatlands.

5 countries

We have commercial and expert field forestry operations across Europe.

2,000+ business partners

Companies work with us to take meaningful action and meet their CSR goals.

What we do to fight climate change


We preserve nature

We plant and manage forests in Europe to create resilient carbon sinks by promoting biodiversity. We work over the long term to sequester carbon dioxide and limit extreme weather events.


Raising awareness

We educate and inform

We are advocates for the beauty and biodiversity of forests. We share and explain the urgent need to care for forests with the general public and those in power.



Nature has value

We are convinced that sustainable development can have both environmental and economic benefits — forests can provide and flourish at the same time.


Why choose EcoTree?

Climate action through forestry

We support and develop close-to-nature forestry. We favour a irregular forestry management method that is conducive to biodiversity and the long-term sequestration of carbon. In line with the forestry supported by the European association Pro Silva, of which we are a member, we manage our forests according to the principles of continuous cover, mixed-species forestry. Today, this type of forest management is the most favourable for the dynamic conservation of forests over the very long term, without sacrificing their economic function.

Short supply chain

Our supply and distribution chain is local to each forest and its community. We work with expert partners at each stage of the sustainable forestry management process. We are convinced that local, sustainable actions are the best way to deal with the current climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

Social projects

There is always a social aspect to our forestry, as we make sure we work with inclusive and solidarity-based companies.

Certified for quality

We are a B Corp-certified company, and our carbon sequestration methodology is certified by Bureau Veritas. All our forests are PEFC-certified or in the process of becoming PEFC-certified; five of them have the FSC label. All these certifications testify to the quality of our work and our commitment to fighting the climate crisis as effectively as possible.

From Danish recycling to ground-breaking forestry

From Danish recycling to ground-breaking forestry

In 2014, EcoTree’s four co-founders took a trip to Denmark, where 90% of all bottles and cans are returned through a unique system where people get paid to recycle. This simple idea — rewarding those who do good for the environment rather than punishing those who do not — led to EcoTree’s 2014 launch in France. After a successful start, we opened our international office in Copenhagen in 2019. We create opportunities for as many people as possible to take climate action through sustainable forestry. Our co-founders developed a system that combines ecology and economy. It’s trees as an investment that benefits both the tree owner and nature. Beyond trees, EcoTree has run more than 500 biodiversity conservation projects, which inlcude installing beehives and repairing wetlands and peatlands.
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Certified for quality

EcoTree is authorised by the French financial regulator (AMF) and our work is rigorously and regularly reviewed by independent forestry experts and "watchdog" organisations.