Nov 22, 2022

Why trees are the Christmas gift that’s good for the environment and climate

Looking for a sustainable Christmas gift that’s good for the environment and helps fight climate change? Time to go green and buy someone a tree.

Kia Eg
Kia EgB2C Growth & Marketing manager
Why trees are the Christmas gift that’s good for the environment and climate

Holiday season is almost here and you’ll soon be getting ready for Christmas and planning what gifts to buy. And while Christmas is always a joyful time for giving presents, it’s also a period where overconsumption has a huge impact on the environment and climate. However, there is another way. Give someone a tree for a green, sustainable gift that’s good for the planet.

Sustainable Christmas gifts are the future

Tons of products are produced and purchased so we can perform the Christmas ritual of giving material gifts. It’s a joyful time, but think about all the gift wrapping paper, advent calendars and throwaway holiday games that go to waste on parties over the festive period. And this is just the warm up for Christmas Day itself!

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can show your loved ones how much you care, keep those festive traditions, and stay conscious about the climate when Christmas shopping. We all care about our planet. We all want to improve our own CO2 footprint as consumers too.

That’s why sustainable gifts have to be the future. It’s vital that we do things differently and look for ways to make small changes that make a big difference to our planet. It’s what we demand of companies, so we should adopt the same habits.

How to give a tree for Christmas this year

So, are you ready to do away with the single-use plastics and choose an eco-friendly Christmas gift this holiday season? We have good news for you – with EcoTree, you can buy and give a real, living tree that’s growing right now in a forest in Northern Europe.

A tree is a meaningful, environmentally friendly Christmas present. It will contribute to the planet's absorption of CO2, help protect ecosystems and promote biodiversity. And the person who receives your green gift will be able to learn all about their tree and track its progress through their own online account.

Once your tree has done its job of keeping nature in balance and its ability to obtain CO2 starts to decrease, it will be harvested and sold as high quality timber. And here’s the best bit – all the profit goes to the person who owns the tree. That could be your loved one this Christmas!

Why a tree for Christmas benefits the planet

Most people know that trees are an important part of the world’s natural habitats, but not everyone understands the role they play in the fight against climate change.

When you give a tree as a gift this Christmas, you also:

  • avoid and reduce carbon emissions that come with the kind of single-use plastic gifts that are harmful to the environment
  • have a positive impact on the climate and nature by capturing CO2 and protecting ecosystems
  • choose a present that will last a long time and provide for future generations
  • show your love and appreciation through a symbolic, meaningful present
  • pick an option that is suitable for everyone – nature is always in fashion!

There are many more benefits to giving the gift of trees. It will get your family talking, raise awareness and could set you and your loved ones off on an eco-friendly journey that changes your lives for the better.

Give a tree as a gift

Join our green movement

Here at EcoTree, we believe in sustainable forestry as a way to tackle climate change and we make it possible for anyone to own a tree or even give a tree for Christmas! Learn more about our unique approach to forestry or visit the treeShop to start your journey as a tree owner.

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Our goal is to enable anyone to do something that benefits nature and helps us to live in a more harmonious world. So why not become a tree owner in a European forest and help combat climate change?

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