Jun 29, 2021

Why everyone’s chatting about Châtelain forest

Our forest of the month is Châtelain, a champion choice that’s got it all – beautiful trees, a stunning stream and lots of room to grow.

Kia Eg
Kia EgB2C Growth & Marketing manager
Why everyone’s chatting about Châtelain forest

Our forest of the month is Châtelain, a champion choice that’s got it all – beautiful trees, a stunning stream, and lots of room to grow.
Head to the Mayenne department in the Pays de la Loire region of France and you’ll find the charming Châtelain forest. Located between two villages and just a few miles from the world-famous Le Mans, it’s a place loved by the locals and ripe for regeneration.

Back in the 90s

Châtelain forest was first planted in the 1990s, which means it has a good 20–30 years of growth already. Its trees are mostly made up of sessile oaks, but you can also find gorgeous pedunculate oak and ash trees too. 
As you know, all great forests need a little water nearby and Châtelain is no different. The land is bordered by the Pingerie stream, which adds to the natural biodiversity of the area. 

Our work in Châtelain

EcoTree started managing the forest in 2020 and since then, we’ve been busy thinning and partitioning the woodland. As always, our aim is to create the perfect conditions for the forest to regenerate naturally.
The thinning process allows plenty of sunlight to make its way through the canopy and into the heart of the forest. On the ground, vegetation can thrive while the trees have everything they need to grow and mature for years to come.  

Into the future

Our work in Châtelain forest has only just begun and we can’t wait to see how the woodland develops. One of our favourite things about the area is the old embankments with trees that line the fields. They have been preserved beautifully and we intend to make sure things stay that way. 
In fact, we have lots of great plans for Châtelain and we’ll be sure to share them with you as our work progresses. Remember, if you want to own a little piece of woodland yourself, you can buy your first tree and join our mission today.

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Montplonne Forest
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Montplonne Forest
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