Jan 10, 2023

What happens in the forest during winter?

Explore the winter forest to find out how the trees, animals and plants thrive and survive in the coldest season of the year.

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What happens in the forest during winter?

For some forest animals and plants, winter is a time of hibernation. For others, it’s one of the most active parts of the year. In this post, you can learn all about what happens amongst the trees, and what those forest creatures get up to, over the cold winter months. You can also enjoy some beautiful pictures from EcoTree’s European forests.

What happens to trees in the winter?

In the winter, most trees lose their colourful leaves and go into a resting phase to survive the season. These changes allow a tree to protect its living cells, including its root system and seeds, until the temperature rises again and longer light returns. It’s also a way to conserve as much energy as possible during this challenging period.

That said, some evergreen trees, such as spruces, don’t slow down at all and can even photosynthesise in winter. Other trees have developed amazing strategies to withstand extreme conditions. Sometimes, however, spells of extreme weather unfortunately prove too harsh for some trees.

Regardless of season and location, a sustainable approach to forestry is the best way to ensure that future generations can also enjoy beautiful, natural and diverse forests. Forests are a natural wonder, a global carbon sink and a biodiversity haven that we need to nurture, respect and protect.

How do birds and other animals make it through the winter?

We love trees here at EcoTree, but the animals and plants in every forest are equally important. Biodiverse forests are home to much wildlife, with flora and fauna all doing their best to deal with the winter’s challenges. Some animals forage and head into hibernation, while some find other ingenious ways to handle the cold.

Birds can stay warm through shivering, fluffing their feathers or tucking in their feet and bills. Others stay close together in groups or trap pockets of air around their bodies. However they do it, these animals and their behaviours are important parts of the natural cycle. It’s all part of what makes forests and other diverse environments so beautiful – nature truly is amazing!

Winter – a good time for a walk in the forest

All seasons provide opportunities for beautiful forest walks and winter is no different. A winter forest hike can immerse you in the sights, sounds and smells of the woods. Get the family involved and enjoy a wonderful experience that treats all senses and leaves you appreciating what nature has to offer.

With the right clothes and good preparation, you will find beautiful views and some valuable downtime from the everyday hustle and bustle. Remember to have an active GPS tracker on you and if you are on your own, make sure you tell someone where you’re going, just in case you need help.

Explore the winter forest

Enjoying our forest pictures? You can find plenty more of those over on the EcoTree International Instagram account. We’ll continue to post beautiful images from our growing forests throughout the season.

It’s also a great place to follow our progress when it comes to biodiversity projects, new forests, our latest innovations and even special offers.

Love trees and forests? Become a tree owner!

EcoTree makes it easy for anyone to support forests, take climate action and protect biodiversity. Become a tree owner through our online tree shop where you can find your favourite species among the many we have to offer. And if you want to help us create and maintain vital natural habitats, take a look at our biodiversity conservation projects.

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