Dec 17, 2020

We’re now planting 60,000 new saplings!

One by one... That’s how our EcoTree foresters are planting 60,000 new saplings in four of our forests.

Kia Eg
Kia EgB2C Growth & Marketing manager
We’re now planting 60,000 new saplings!

Planting trees is not a walk in the park - more like a semi-long hike in multiple beautiful forests.

One by one... That’s how our foresters are planting 60,000 new saplings in four of our forests. One forester can plant around 500-800 trees per day. And they mainly plant by hand! 

By planting the saplings in rows, we optimise the space of the natural areas. The foresters are shifting between the tiny trees to ensure their continued diversity and to improve the resilience against climate change and diseases. We’re planting beautiful Sessile Oaks, Beech, Scot pines, Douglas Firs, Sequoias and Chestnut trees. 

Choosing the species is depending on various criteria such as the localisation of the land and the fertility of the soil. Each species has its own preferences about its environment, so we always select the best suited for each area. 

The season for the plantations starts mid-November and ends in late April. There can be some challenges during the season such as frozen soil and heavy rain. That’s why our foresters are always checking the weather forecast together with a cup of coffee before they start planting!

See the beautiful pictures below of an early morning in our Le Faouët forest in France. 



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