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A Successful Breakthrough for EcoTree!

A Successful Breakthrough for EcoTree!

New fundraising, the beginning of the international expansion, a strengthened and growing team with a new structure… Summed up, a new chapter of the EcoTree adventure has commenced. And much has happened since the beginning three years ago.

EcoTree has just raised 3 million € to go further in its initiatives in the service of our common green heritage: the forest. The Accurafy 4 fund has contributed to this second capital injection, alongside the Finistère Angels and the West Web Valley, our historical investors.


This second round of fundraising marks a major milestone for EcoTree. And it makes us want to look back on this incredible adventure that has been made possible because of you and the many other committed tree owners that we proudly count as part of our community.


The story of the EcoTree started with four friends (the co-founders) and, more importantly, our first customers and supporters, who believed in our new virtuous solution to preserve the forests. It is the great story of all those who have joined us since the beginning, both individuals and companies. It is the story of all those who have followed us and believed in our mission: reconcile sustainability and profitability.


The key milestones of our journey:


EcoTree today:


We can only be happy and proud of this great adventure continued together day by day, in which your commitment, advice, and encouragement have been our best compass. None of this could ever have been achieved without you: we therefore want to say a huge THANK YOU and encourage you to pursue this fantastic journey with us!


Your mission? Help us to put the forest back on everybody’s agenda and make people aware of its many benefits. This mission was previously French. It is now European; and why not, one day, global?


Let’s go green!


The EcoTree Team.


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