Aug 24, 2021

Highlights from the EcoTree annual report

EcoTree isn’t an average company and that’s why our annual report is not an average annual report! Read the highlights in this blog post.

Kia Eg
Kia EgB2C Growth & Marketing manager
Highlights from the EcoTree annual report

Get an overview of the EcoTree story over the last year then dig into the details by reading our full annual report.

Every year, we take the opportunity to look back at what we’ve achieved, where we can make changes and what we want the future to look like. We’ve put everything we learned into our annual report, which you can download and read right now.
Read our annual report

Fantastic news for the forests

As always, let’s start with the forests. The last year has seen us double the number of trees we manage in France, which is where the EcoTree journey began. Despite challenging drought, fires and widespread bark beetle attacks in French woodlands, our own forests have thrived.

We acquired 10 forests across 60 hectares in four different regions of France. We also coordinated new tree plantings in Cleden Poher, Louargat, Faouët, Palotas and Ploërdut, adding over 65,000 chestnut trees, Douglas firs, thuyas, red oaks, spruces, pines, cedars, sessile oaks and more.

Growth and expansion

Our success is down to the work of our skilled forestry teams. We are now in the process of replicating the unique EcoTree model and acquiring forests in Denmark and the United Kingdom. That makes us a truly international company with a plan to democratise our ground-breaking concept of tree ownership across Europe.

As our forests have grown, so has EcoTree as a business. Our turnover has doubled again over the last year, which puts us in a strong financial position that will help us build and plan for the future. We’ve also been busy building our fantastic team – there are now 60 of us across all departments.

What comes next?

With your support, we’re aiming for just as successful a year this time around. We hope to plant or takeover and manage 500,000 more trees and are looking at 30 biodiversity projects. In fact, having developed our territorial network, we are now able to study, take over and manage massifs anywhere in France. 

We’re also making great strides outside of France and aim to be sustainably managing forests in multiple countries very soon. As always, we will keep you informed and be as transparent with you as possible. 

Speaking of which, we are making even more documentation available to every EcoTree customer through their online account. That includes the results of our ongoing research into forestry plans, which we plan to share in a series of webinars throughout the year.  

Read the full story

So that’s a very quick summary! If you’d like to get into the details and learn more about the EcoTree story, we’d love you to read our full annual report. It includes information on all our forests, the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on our plantations, and a guide to sustainable forest management.


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