Jun 28, 2022

EcoTree raises €12 million in funding

We're proud to announce new investments from Société Générale, Financière Fonds Privés and Famae Impact.

Kia Eg
Kia EgB2C Growth & Marketing manager
EcoTree raises €12 million in funding

French B-Corp greentech EcoTree raises €12 million to help its journey towards becoming the leading European Nature-Based Solutions provider. EcoTree welcomes investment from new partners Société Générale Ventures, Financière Fonds Privés and Famae Impact. Its historical shareholders, the Accurafy fund and Épopée Gestion, are renewing their confidence by respectively reinvesting and remaining actively in the capital, while the seed investors Finistère Angels are exiting.

Founded in 2016, EcoTree believes in the environmental and economic value of forests, ecosystems and biodiversity conservation. Its expert team of foresters and scientists have created unique nature-based solutions that allow companies and individuals to support sustainable forestry and vital conservation projects.

“Every day the news reminds us how much we depend on our natural environment. However, things are not moving fast enough; temperatures are rising and forests are suffering. We therefore need to scale to meet the climate challenge and the destruction of biodiversity”, says Erwan Le Méné, co-founder and president of EcoTree.

Building on existing in-house expertise and an established pan-European commercial and operational network, EcoTree will use this funding to further establish its status as an emerging and pioneering nature-based solutions provider in Europe. The funds will provide current and future clients even greater access to sustainable forests that remove carbon, promote biodiversity and generate economic returns. EcoTree will also increase its range of alternative carbon removals and biodiversity solutions.

With foundations laid in France, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands, EcoTree will continue to expand commercially across Europe by investing in new nature projects across the continent, and marketing and communications in new national markets. EcoTree will also continue to invest in scientific research and technology to provide cutting edge solutions to individuals and firms, and for corporate clients specifically to fully leverage the impact of their environmental and ESG initiatives with EcoTree.


“Since the beginning of EcoTree our obsession has been to offer innovative solutions around the creation of carbon sinks and the preservation of biodiversity, in order to reconcile economy and ecology. We believe that this incredible environmental transition project must be embodied by concrete and local actions including a social componentand participating in the restoration of ecosystems. We are proud and happy to welcome three new investors who will help us grow EcoTree in France and Europe and develop new Nature-Based Solutions.”
Erwan Le Méné, Président and co-founder of EcoTree

Société Générale Group

“The raison d’être of the Société Générale Group is to build, together with our clients, a better and sustainable future by providing responsible and innovative financial solutions. By participating in EcoTree’s new fundraising round, through our fund Societe Generale Ventures, we have the clear ambition to continue the deployment of different types of durable solutions, and we’ll thereby support our clients’ desire to invest in projects that promote reforestation and biodiversity. We are delighted to take part in this adventure alongside of EcoTree which will allow us to continue to design tailor-made solutions for our customers. ”
Sandrine Enguehard, Head of Impact Finance Solutions at Société Générale Group

Financière Fonds Privés

“We work as a link between major private investors and unlisted companies, in order to create value for investors as much as for the companies to which we provide funding. EcoTree pursues exactly the same logic, offering its customers and partner companies the opportunity to contribute to nature while generating value. Anxious to support SMEs and ETIs which are the greatest creators of wealth in our country, it seemed logical and virtuous to help EcoTree creating new jobs and new forests.”
Thierry de Chambure, Managing Director and Partner of Financière Fonds Privés

Famae Impact

“Famae’s raison d’être is to finance companies that reduce the environmental footprint and work for the climate. Joining EcoTree’s pool of investors in order to accelerate its development with civil society and businesses, and help reducing the net impact of greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to the development of our forests and biodiversity, was an obvious decision. And since EcoTree is also a story of enthusiasts, we quickly felt a strong affinity with the co-founders!”
Jérôme Leger, co-founder and Partner of Famae Impact


“We are very satisfied with the development of EcoTree since our entry into the capital in 2019, and it is therefore with great enthusiasm that we joinedthis this Series B round. We strongly support the Company’s ambitions in Europe, as well as in new business verticals. Indeed, by launching our «Sustainable Future» compartment in partnership with EcoTree last year, through which we acquired several thousand trees in the Saran forest, France, we wanted to show the way within asset management and encourage the development of green financial products. Tech- nology and sustainability being at the heart of our raison d’être, we are more than ever aligned with the values and objectives of EcoTree.”
Frédéric Caron, co-founder and CEO of Accurafy

For press inquiries, please contact:

EcoTree - Thomas Norman Canguilhem - thomas@ecotree.green - +45 81 81 33 81
Societe Generale Group - Amandine Grison - amandine.grison@socgen.com - 01 41 45 92 40
Financière Fonds Privés - Thierry de Chambure - tdechambure@financiere-fondsprives.com - 01 42 25 00 55
Famae - Jérôme Léger - jerome.leger@famaeimpact.com
Accurafy - Candice Baudet - cbaudet@accurafy4.com - 06 21 40 05 15

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