Jul 7, 2021

EcoTree just got a new intern and biochar specialist in the team, meet Pablo!

Biochar is a new and unexplored territory for EcoTree. Pablo has joined the team to help us discover its amazing potential to mitigate climate change.

Kia Eg
Kia EgB2C Growth & Marketing manager
EcoTree just got a new intern and biochar specialist in the team, meet Pablo!
Check this out! Pablo is tree climbing. The people on the ground look pretty little, don't they?

At EcoTree, we are not just all about trees. We are deeply concerned about climate change and have decided to do everything we can to make a difference. A few years back we realised that biochar could be one of the ways to do even more than we are doing now. 
But thinking and talking is not enough, we need to start acting! That’s why we found Pablo, our new intern, who has been hired to explore EcoTree’s possible future with biochar as a heavy part of our green business. Meet him here!

Hi Pablo, and welcome to EcoTree. We can hear a little italian accent. How long have you lived in Copenhagen?
Actually, Ive lived here for 10 years. My Danish is ok, but not more than that. I can make myself understandable and understand most of it, but Danish is really hard. I have improved my oral skills a lot after having a daughter, who speaks mostly Danish to me.

Yeah, moving to a new country is crazy! We know all about that. Do you take your Danish daughter to the forest?
Yeah. She is a nature girl. We changed her kindergarten from a normal one to a forest kindergarten, where she is out all day. She is really happy about it, and I love that she gets to stay outside that much. Shes very interested in insects and plants.

How did you find us?
“I found EcoTree online by myself while looking for companies planting and taking care of trees in Denmark. I was positively impressed by the EcoTree concept of buying land to transform it into something with more natural value. And I loved the idea of sharing that with people that can buy and follow their trees over time.”

Thats very cool. Have you worked with Biochar before?
I actually havent. I contacted EcoTree because I moved into the territory of forestry and agriculture a year ago, doing my research. I have a chemical background, and my dream is to combine my skills in new ways to help taking care of trees and forests.

Wow, what did you study?
I studied environmental sciences in Italy and environmental chemistry in Denmark. I worked many years as a researcher applying analytical chemistry to the analysis of water, soil and sediment contamination, but also to the forensic analysis of forest fires. I am currently learning to become a tree climber and arborist. So EcoTree was an obvious opportunity for me to move on and actually try to make a difference.”

Why do you think Biochar could be interesting for EcoTree?
It was actually Thomas, the CEO of EcoTree, who asked me to work on biochar. He asked me, if I wanted to join the team and focus only on biochar, since it matched my background”

With the research youve done so far, why is biochar such an interesting product?
Its promising to help fight climate change, and thats important to all of us. It could also be a way to boost tree growth and improve poor soils. So EcoTree can use the leftovers of the bioproducts from its forests and transform them into something that mitigate climate change.

Thats gonna be exciting. Last question. Which future do you see for EcoTree?
EcoTree is important. You give value to nature. If you continue with this mindset, I think youre gonna be huge in a few years. Thats great for the planet.”



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