Dec 9, 2021

6 (super easy to super creative) ways to gift a tree for Christmas

With EcoTree you can give someone a real tree, which will grow into one of the biggest gifts possible. But how to give the gift card in a way that sparks curiosity?

Louise Frederikke Kofoed-Dam
Louise Frederikke Kofoed-DamCommunication & PR Manager
6 (super easy to super creative) ways to gift a tree for Christmas

Okay, you decided to give someone (or even better, your whole family) a tree for Christmas. What a great idea! You bought the tree in our TreeShop, and it’s right there on your account, waiting to be gifted. So what do you do now? We’ve listed 6 original ways to give your tree as a Christmas present, whether you’re a person who likes gifts to take a few minutes max, or you’re willing to go full-on DIY snow globe crafting (so brave!). We’ve got you covered.

Level 1 (super easy): Print a card from our website 

We had to put that one in there. And honestly, our cards are pretty cute on their own! You can easily customize the image, write a sweet message and voilà – done. Print it, get a nice Christmassy red (FSC certified) paper envelope to put it in, and if you want to make it a little bit more festive you can maybe write on the name with a gold pen. Another idea (which is still easy but looks nicer) is using a natural, recycled paper envelope to put the gift card in, wrapping a natural string around it (a few times if it’s thin) and tying it with a small pine branch, an eucalyptus branch, dried flower or some herbs. If you don't even want to get your own envelope or print the card, we can do all of that for you. Easy, huh?


Level 2 (easy and harder to guess): Put the gift card in a beautiful box 

If you don’t like the idea of giving someone an envelope, you can put the gift card in a box. To get in the forest theme, decorate the inside with some pine cones and small pine branches, maybe even some moss. The smell will be so lovely when opening the box! You can print the gift card on our website, roll it and put a pretty red velvet ribbon around it. Or put it in an envelope before sliding it into the box. Make sure to choose a beautiful box or wrap it nicely.


Level 3 (easy and fun): Put the gift card in a (horrible) book and wrap it 

Bonus points if it’s a book they a) already have or b) would never, ever even think of reading. The most sustainable way to do this is by using a book you own, to lend one from a friend or get it second hand in a thrift shop, online, or from a flea market. If you do this right, we’ll guarantee you will have a lot of fun trying to find the absolute worst book for the person in question. Imagining their face when opening it is half of the fun, and them actually opening it and trying to be polite and thankful while secretly thinking you don’t know them at all is even better. Until they find the gift card and the beautiful tree will make up for it all. Wrap it nicely so it looks like you really thought your uncle who can hardly cook an egg would enjoy a book about gluten free baking. 


Level 4 (creative): Make a little trees card

Most of the examples are actually ways to give money, folded in the shape of a little Christmas tree on a card. But when you’re giving an EcoTree tree you basically give money as well – it just takes a while before they’ll receive it, and in the meantime they have an actual, beautiful, majestic tree growing in a real forest. So in fact, it’s even better than cash. The idea is simple:

  1. Take some colored thick paper (tip: use recycled or FSC certified paper!) and fold it to make a card. Dark green or dark blue paper works best if you use white paper to print your gift card.
  2. Fold or cut little trees from green paper, decorate them to your liking (use glitter glue, little gem stickers, stamps, cut our stars or simply draw some decor on them yourself). Use brown paper for the trunks.
  3. Now comes the tricky part: fold a little tree from the gift card you printed from our website. Tip: If you print it 50% the size or less, the card will be smaller and easier to fold a little tree from!
  4. Stick all trees on the card with brown paper trunks. You now have a tiny landscape with one beautiful snowy tree, which is secretly their magic ticket to a real tree!

Source: StampingUpNorthWithLaurie

Source: Stampingupnorthwithlaurie


Level 5 (for the baking lovers): Hide it with Christmas tree cookies

For this one you need a pretty glass jar or tin box, a Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter, ingredients for some tasty cookies and ribbon to decorate the jar. Mix the ingredients for your cookies and use the tree shaped cutter to create little trees on the baking tray. You can choose to take it to the next level and decorate them or leave them au naturel. When they’ve come out of the oven, let them cool down and put them in the jar. You can print out the EcoTree gift card, roll it, tie a cute string around it and add it in the jar with the cookies. If you want to spark their curiosity, only add a little rolled up note stating the gift code and telling them to visit Don’t forget to put a ribbon around the jar to decorate it!


Level 6 (for the crafty ones): Give your tree with a snow globe

We were not kidding when we told you we’d add in something really creative. If you are feeling crafty, you want to try something new, or you’re looking for a fun kids’ activity during the holidays then this one's for you. There’s two ways to go with this one: you either put the gift card in the snow globe, or you give the snow globe as a gift accompanied by the gift card to have a physical representation of your tree gift. 


If you add the gift card inside the snow globe, you of course can't add any liquid (unless you just hide the code in it with some waterproof marker) but you still have many beautiful options. Want the real deal? Make a snow globe and give the gift card on the side.


Ready to get crafting? Share your creation with us on Instagram and we'll share it in our stories! 


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