Preserving and promoting the biodiversity of Champeau-en-Morvan

Participate in safeguarding environments rich in biodiversity in our Côte-d'Or forest

Did you know?

Forests are the most important source of biodiversity on Earth. To protect the flora and fauna of the Champeau-en-Morvan forest, we are establishing several initiatives to encourage pollinators, amphibians, and insects.
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The Champeau-en-Morvan forest lies on the borders of the Côte-d'Or and Nièvre departments, on the edge of Lake Chamboux. Once neglected, EcoTree took over its management in early spring 2020. The previous owner recently cleared part of the forest. We will reforest and aim to manage the forest as an irregular high forest. This PEFC-certified forest is open to the public.
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Our actions

Planting of a honey hedge

Identification of the existing food resources for local pollinators. Planting of a honey hedge for a perennial food resource. This action was carried out within the framework of a reintegration project.

Raising awareness

Awareness-raising workshops on biodiversity issues for the general public and schools.

Preservation of den trees

Marking of den trees which are of particular interest for biodiversity. Inventory of habitats (cavities, peeled bark, dead branches, etc.) present on the trees. Monitoring of present species.

Amphibian conservation

Creation of ponds with ecological monitoring to measure the impact on amphibians (frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, etc.) and dragonflies.

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