Taeda Pine

Storms have proven this species resistance.

Taeda Pine

The taeda pine(Pinus Taeda), whose French name is rarely used, is native to the south-eastern quarter of the United States. Pinus taeda is a tree species of the Pinaceae family and was introduced into Europe in 1713.

Why does EcoTree plant Taedas Pines?

Taeda pine is wind resistant: an advantage in a context of global warming. In addition, its good quality wood is highly valued in carpentry and interior joinery.

Taeda Pine - Overview

Taeda Pine - Overview

It is called taeda pine, incense pine, torch pine ("tadea" means "torch" in Latin) because the Romans used the coniferous branches to make torches.
The evergreen incense pine can reach a height of 30-35 m and a trunk diameter of 50-100 cm. Some trees can reach a height of 50 m at maturity. This pine is characterised by a straight trunk with thin bark, fine branching but without marked whorls. The fine, soft needles are grouped in threes. This species is monoecious, so it bears both male and female pine cones. The male pine cones are cylindrical, clustered, yellow to brown and 2-4 cm long. The females are green at first, then yellow to brownish-yellow and finally brown at maturity.
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Taeda Pine

Taeda Pine - Species requirements

Taeda pine is a demanding coniferous tree which, when planted on suitable soil, has a high growth potential. It has very good wind resistance. Taped Pine prefers deep, acidic, well-drained soils with good water supply. It is a full-light species that needs at least 800 mm of rainfall spread over the year. It is very sensitive to drought and does not tolerate dry soils, but is able to acclimatise up to 440 m in altitude.

Taeda Pine Wood

The yellowish-white matt-gloss heartwood of Taeda pine is durable. The heartwood is reddish and the sapwood is wide. It is easy to saw and dries without warping or splitting. Taped pine is an excellent wood for carpentry and interior joinery. It is also used for panelling, pallets and paper pulp. Taped pine wood is of good quality, light and very flexible but strong.

The Taeda pine is the tree symbol of immortality. It is certainly the persistence of its foliage and the qualities of its resin that give it this symbolism in many cultures. For an unforgettable birthday gift, give a taeda pine to wish a long life to a loved one. Wish your best wishes in a special way through a unique and original gift! Offer a birthday tree, offer a taeda pine planted in the forest!