Maple: Meaning & Use

Maple trees are known for their richly colored leaves in fall.

Maple trees are known for their richly colored leaves in fall.

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The genus Acer , maples in popular languages, includes about 115 species of trees and shrubs (family Sapindaceae) widespread in temperate and cold regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It is believed that Native Americans made maple syrup long before historic times.

The why

Why plant maple trees?

Maples present important biodiversity . Indeed, this tree species is an important food source for wildlife. These buds nourish many birds and these micro-flowers provide insects with pollen and nectar right out of winter.


Maple - Description


Most maples can grow to between 10 and 45 m in height. The tree has a vigorous appearance, with an ovoid crown with few branches. Its bark is dark grey with long, shallow vertical crevices. Shrub (1.5 to 2 m for the Japanese maple) or large tree that can reach 30 m (like the sycamore maple); most maples have deciduous foliage that takes on magnificent hues in autumn. Its leaves are always opposite, in a decussate arrangement, i.e. two pairs follow each other at right angles. The small, often greenish-yellow flowers appear at the end of April or beginning of May, and give rise to the fruits, double samaras with membranous wings.

Planting & maintenance

Maple - Species requirements


The Maple's wood

The wood of maple trees varies according to the species and is generally light in colour. Maple wood is used in carpentry, for making musical instruments and tool handles. The wood works well because it is moderately hard and very even. Maple wood is also used for furniture, flooring, cabinetry and plywood. Its Latin name Acer means sharp, hence the French word acéré (tranchant). The tree got its name from its wood, which was used in ancient times to make spears.


The Maple's symbolism

In China and Japan, the maple leaf is a well-known symbol for lovers. Also in the North American region, storks can be seen weaving maple branches into nests. Thus the maple becomes a symbol of love found in welcoming a new child into the home. The sycamore maple is symbolic of heartbreak in Shakespearean theatre, and more broadly, in Elizabethan theatre.

So declare your love by giving a maple tree! To declare your love, to tell her without words and every day that you love her, give a tree as an original birthday gift or Valentine's Day gift or just to remind her of your feelings. An original gift with a safe and poetic message. Offer a maple tree in a forest to say I love you!