Laricio Pine: Meaning & Uses

The Ospedale region is the kingdom of the Laricio Pine.

Corsican laricio Pine

The Laricio Pine is endemic to Corsica, i.e. it grows naturally only there. It is not found anywhere else except Calabria and Sicily, and they are different subspecies!

Why does EcoTree plant Laricio Pines?

The Laricio Pine resists well to summer drought and takes advantage of the annual rainfall to meet its water needs. The tree species grows well in granitic or sandy soils and does not require it to have great mineral wealth.

Corsican laricio Pine - Overview

Corsican laricio Pine - Overview

The Laricio Pine's growth is very slow, as is often the case with mountain species. The longevity is impressive: it can indeed exceed a millennium! All this time allows it to reach venerable heights: it rises to 40 meters. Consequently, this pine can constitute an upper tree stratum sometimes serving as a roof for a forest of beeches, smaller trees and the passage over land much shorter.

The Laricio Pine is covered with a very characteristic smooth silvery grey bark. Its flexible needle-like leaves grouped in bundles by two of a beautiful greyish green reach up to 15 cm in length and are renewed every three years or so. The Laricio Pine flowers discreetly in May on the twigs of the year.
Unfortunately, the Laricio Pine is very sensitive to fire which continues to destroy many subjects every year.
Corsican laricio Pine

Corsican laricio Pine - Species requirements

The Laricio Pine's climatic spectrum remains quite broad. It grows mainly on south-facing slope. In its privileged areas, the Pinus nigra Laricio constitute very dense forests offering a dark undergrowth with relatively dry soil. Moreover, the Laricio Pine requires 800 to 1,800 mm of annual precipitation.

The Laricio Pine's wood

The Laricio Pine is the most exploited species in Corsica, representing nearly 75% of the sale of wood. It is much appreciated in exterior woodwork, carpentry as well as for making frames. In the past it was used as marine wood to make the hull and mast of boats.

The Laricio Pine's symbolism

Since the dawn of time, the pine has been dedicated to gods and goddesses. Starting with the goddess Cybele, symbol of fertility. Cybele, the goddess-mother, the "Mother of the gods" often dwelt under a pine tree, which by the will of Zeus, always preserved its greenness.

The Laricio Pine, which blooms in May, is an original and ecological gift for Mother's Day . The laricio pine is a gift that grows more beautiful every year and blooms every year for Mother's Day and the return of spring. What could be better than planting a tree in honor of your mom?