Mevenez Forest


  few clouds

  8.12  °C

  92  %

  2  km/h

  1016  hPa
atmospheric pressure


There are many legends that tell of this small piece of land anchored in the ancient kingdom of Broërec. A female first name with Celtic origins, Mevenez means joy. It is also said that all those who bear this name have the ability to discover the souls of beings and things. Does this mean that to find happiness or to penetrate metaphysics, a short walk in the forest of Mevenez would be enough? One thing is for sure, there is light in this forest. Daylight in the sun, evening in the fireflies, night in the moon, everything seems to illuminate this forest; and by the same token, those who are in search of meaning venture there.

PEFC Certification : : Yes

Adoption of management documents : Oct 27, 2016

Management turnaround : May 2, 2016

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on 01/04


A photo of Mevenez Forest