Faouët Forest


  scattered clouds

  21.9  °C

  78  %

  6.23  km/h

  1019  hPa
atmospheric pressure

The Faouët forest is located in Morvan, a charming territory bounded by the course of the Moulin du Duc stream and the Inam river.

It is in the Morvan Country, after the first unified King of Brittany, who successfully resisted the Frankish armies of Louis the Debonair, that the forest of the same name is located. Is it because of this harsh period that silage trees on the ground find their strength? Chestnut, Oak, Douglas and Spruce trees make up this small piece of land. And they were undoubtedly the objects of inspiration for the many painters and French and foreign photographers who made Le Faouët one of the main artistic centers of inland Brittany. Who better than nature to combine colours and matter?

Adoption of management documents : Nov 23, 2017

Management turnaround : Jan 2, 2017

Forests : Open from 01/04 to 01/09


A photo of Faouët Forest