56 - Morbihan

Bourrus Forest

  clear sky

  6.63  °C

  82  %

  1.9  km/h

  1028  hPa
atmospheric pressure

The Bourrus forest is located in Morbihan and more precisely in a small commune of Langoëlan whose melodious name means, in Breton, "near the wild moorland."

This territory, watered by the Scorff and its first tributaries, is part of history and shelters a unique heritage. A few miles from the Etang du Dordu and the parish church of Saint Barnabé, in front of the dolmen of Villeneuve, the washhouse of the village and the monument of Kergoët, young plants open themselves to life by taking root - under swaths of land that have passed through the ages and legends. In this little corner of Breton paradise, it is said that the combination of generous glades, a playful sun and a joyful drizzle offer exceptional conditions for afforestation.

PEFC Certification : Yes

Sustainable management document : Good Forestry Code

Adoption of management documents : Oct 27, 2016

Management turnaround : May 2, 2016

Environment & localization : Cette forêt se trouve sur le bassin versant du Scorff. L’ensemble des parcelles fait partie de la ZNIEFF de type 2 « Scorff/forêt de Pont-Calleck » (Rivière de grande qualité, forêt, étang. Présence de 2 des 37 espèces végétales de haut intérêt patrimon

Forests : Open to the public


A photo of Bourrus Forest