Give trees to your loved ones!

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Give trees as a gift

A green and meaningful gift



Each tree species has its own meaning and message



Your tree captures carbon dioxide and boosts biodiversity



An original gift that is sure to bring joy

How does it work?

I send a gift in 3 easy steps

1. Choose your trees

Select the species of your choice and proceed to payment.

2. Chose your beneficiaries

From your personal space, designate your recipients and transfer the trees you want to offer

3. Edit and send your gift cards

Personalize your gift card by giving free rein to your creativity and choose a mailing date

I receive my tree gift in 3 clicks

1. Receipt of the gift card

The recipient of the gift will receive your gift card (by email or printed out by you), on the chosen date

2. Receipt of the gift card code

The recipient will need to enter the code on in order to receive your gift

3. Receipt of the trees

The trees are then transferred to the recipient's personal space where they can observe the trees' evolution

A tree for every occasion!



The Red Cedar, the Sessile Oak and Taeda Pine are symbols of longevity and eternity.

They represent a durable and green birthday gift!



Want to celebrate a happy event? Give a birth tree !

Welcome the baby with its own Sitka Spruce and Pedunculate Oak, an original and symbolic gift. Over time, they will grow together!



As the end of year festivities draw near the Christmas tree is in everyone's mind!

Give Vancouver Fir or Nordmann Fir trees, who symbolize by their persistent needles a green and sustainable Christmas ! Surprise your loved ones at Christmas by offering them trees planted in the forest!


Valentine's Day

What if we planted trees to say "I love you"?

Discover the Linden tree with its heart-shaped leaves, the Red Oak associated with absolute love or even the Maple symbol of lovers! What if we transformed the Valentine's Day's red rose bouquet into an original and longlasting gift?


Mother's Day

Looking for a perfect gift for Mother's Day?

The Larch and Corsican laricio Pine represent maternal love and generosity. This year, let's plant trees in honour of our mothers!


Father's Day

The protector tree of kids and a meaning-filled symbol, the Chestnut and Ash are your green gift for Father's Day.

This year, surprise your Dad with an original and ecological gift !



The Birch and Maritime Pin are symbols of knowledge, strength and energy. Furthermore, their decisive nature makes them the perfect gift for celebrating a diploma or a project.

An opportunity to congratulate your loved ones and a gesture for our plant!



Wish the newly-weds everlasting love !

The cherrywoodand the Douglas Fir represent abundance and durability, making them the perfect gift for a durable and love-filled wedding . Like trees, love takes root and grows over the years. For an original and durable wedding gift, give trees!



Looking for an original and green company gift?

The Common Hornbeam and the Cedar are the symbols of loyalty. The latter's hardiness also makes it the symbol of faithfulness. Reward loyalty while communicating your ecological values ​​!



For an unforgettable farewell , one needs an original gift !

So, give a Poplar, a tree whose white leaves represent the Ages of Man, or a Scots Pine, the tree of longevity to your colleague and loved ones.


Good luck

Wish good luck to your loved ones by giving them a Silver Fir!

The evergreen Silver Fir is the messenger that urges us to follow our path.

Give a tree to express your encouragement!


Wedding anniversary

Looking for an anniversary gift for your parents or loved ones?

The silver colour of the Balsma Poplar leaves makes it the perfect gift for a vows renewal ceremony.
For all anniversaries, give Balsma Poplars: an original and meaningful gift!

They've given trees, and what about you ?

Sophia & Sandra ,

«   For our birthday, our parents gave us trees. Every year, we visit them during the holidays. It's an opportunity to discover nature.   »

Paul ,

«  Finally - a gift that stands out and makes sense. I offer trees for all occasions, it's an original and ecological gift  !   »

Emily ,

«   I'm delighted to be able to offer something symbolic and indispensable to future generations. They will need it.   »

Our selection of trees

Only 35 left ! For subscribers only 1102Arbre2320%équoiaUneven-aged high forest Morvan Forest 56

VAT inc.


Uneven-aged high forest

Morvan Forest

Morbihan, Brittany, France

Time before cutting: 41 years


Estimated CO2 absorption: 690 kg

Expected gross gain : $53

657Arbre3620% OakAge: 50 to 55 years old Ruillé Forest 72

VAT inc.

Sessile Oak

Age: 50 to 55 years old

Ruillé Forest

Sarthe, Pays de la Loire, France

Time before cutting: 39 years


Estimated CO2 absorption: 681 kg

Expected gross gain : $78

1009Arbre2920% CedarUneven-aged high forest Ploerdut Forest 56

VAT inc.

Red Cedar

Uneven-aged high forest

Ploerdut Forest

Morbihan, Brittany, France

Time before cutting: 39 years


Estimated CO2 absorption: 681 kg

Expected gross gain : $64

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Offer a tree subscription !

For an ecological and original gift, give a green subscription, a gift that acts for the environment every month !
The Green Impact subscription allows you to offer tree every month : consequently, your beneficiary's tree portfolio is continuously enriched with new species !

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