Frequently asked questions

How is my purchase of trees materialized? Can I see them in real life? How do I get updates about my trees?
After your trees have been purchased, they will be visible on your account. You will then be provided with the geolocation of your trees thanks to aerial maps and pictures of the forest in which they are, a CO2 absorption meter and a financial meter, which will show the value of your tree investment over time. You may, of course, log into your account at any time. You will also receive a newsletter several times a month, informing you about our work and the health of your trees. Finally, our forests are always open for you to visit your trees.
What proves that I have become a tree owner? Do you provide a certificate?
In the French legal system, a tree is defined as a movable property by anticipation (‘bien meuble par anticipation’). Thus, the movable property laws apply to your new green asset. Just like other movable properties (e.g. a chair, a computer, etc.), the invoice will attest of your tree ownership. We will update and show it on your account automatically after your payment has gone through.
How do I locate my trees? Are there any risks regarding their sustainability? Will some trees be cut before they have reached maturity?
Your trees are traceable thanks to their GPS coordinates that allow you to identify the forest territories where the trees you have purchased are located. Your trees are visible on your personal account and you can visit them at all times. Our forests will always be open for you! Nevertheless, in light of potential natural hazards and necessary maintenance, EcoTree reserves the right to cut down certain trees if our forest team believes it is in the best interest of our forest, future harvests and other operations. To summarize, you will contribute to developing an entire forest and you will benefit from the logging revenues proportionally to your initial investment.
What does the price of my tree include? Will I be charged extra fees? Any taxes?
Once you have paid for your trees, no additional expenses whatsoever will ever be required. In addition to forest expertise and maintenance (e.g. mushroom treatment, clearing or pruning and thinning), EcoTree and its forestry group also take care of all forestry and land taxes (e.g. notarial deeds, property taxes or cadastral fees).
Does my purchase involve planting trees or are the trees already planted?
In the case of a mature tree, it has evidently already been planted. In the case of a young plant however, it depends on the moment at which you purchase it. Indeed, EcoTree respects seasonality and replants only in winter, in order to anticipate at best the demand of the year to come. When demand is too high, a pre-sale system allows those who prefer not to wait to make acquisitions in advance.
What happens to my trees after they are cut down? Do you replant them afterwards?
Once your trees have been cut, they are sold to partner sawmills, which we select according to environmentally responsible criteria. EcoTree's economic model seeks to both transform and control the production chain within France by favouring short circuits and work with local actors. As for replanting after the cutting, our sustainable methods and our commitment to replanting insure the good health and sustainable growth of our forests.
How much time do the trees on offer take to reach maturity and when are they cut down?
EcoTree offers several tree species of different age classes. In each offer, the age of the tree (except for trees managed in irregular forests) and the expected time left until its cutting are specified.
What is the average CO2 absorption per tree ?
The CO2 absorption capacity of a tree can vary enormously. It depends on the species of a tree, its exposure to light, its growth stage, changes in temperature, the quantity of water available and soil quality. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), determined that the average tree absorbs 10 kg of CO2 per year. Experts have agreed on an average value of 30 kg for our trees.
How can I cut my tree? When is the best time to cut it? Will you do it automatically and without approval?
EcoTree is committed to planting trees in accordance with forest management plans that are in line with the regional guidelines of the CRFPF, thus enabling our silvicultural actions to be of a long-term nature. It is therefore not possible to cut trees arbitrarily without any valid reason justifying such an action. Logging is decided after consulting our forest expert and various local partners. You may refuse, but we strongly advise you to comply to the advice of our forest and sustainable development specialists.
May I donate my tree?
As the owner of your trees, you may freely decide what to do with them. You may donate it to a family member, a friend or else a non-governmental organization. You have the possibility to offer trees from your personal account on our website.
What are my obligations to other tree owners on the same plot of land as me?
None, EcoTree takes care of everything. Remember that buying one of our trees is not the same as acquiring shares of a forest fund. You will not have the same legal status, rights and obligations as members of a forestry group.
How will I receive the returns of my investment?
You will receive the returns of your investment once your trees have fulfilled their ecological purpose and have been logged off. At that point, you will be notified by EcoTree and the generated financial gains will be fully transferred to you. This is why EcoTree asks you to provide us with your RIB and the account details of a trusted third party.
What will happen to my investment in case of death or if you cannot reach me? Why do you demand that I appoint a trusted third party?
In accordance with the general rules governing inheritance, your investment will go to your right holders, unless otherwise specified (e.g. by a testament). In order to preserve the rights you have acquired over the cutting of your trees, EcoTree requires you to designate a trusted third party on your personal space, whom we will contact if we are unable to reach you.
How can one estimate the resale price of trees? Do you guarantee the investment's performance?
The resale price of a tree is determined by multiple economic indicators (wood prices, supply and demand) and the quality of the forest's yield. The latter is currently rising sharply, and the yield quality results mainly from good forestry management, which EcoTree and its forestry group guarantee. Rather than providing you with the full set of figures on which our analysis is based, we invite you to take a look at the numerous official reports that attest to the tremendous potential of forests. Wood is a particularly safe investment, as the France Bois Forêt Timber Sales Price Index shows. Such indicators will give you an objective idea of the returns you can expect, but that EcoTree, nonetheless, cannot guarantee.
How do you pay yourselves given that your prices are reasonably low?
EcoTree is first and foremost a social and solidarity player which aims to raise awareness on the current state and problems of French forests. Our prices are low because EcoTree's profitability comes with the volume of sales. EcoTree makes money on the initial price of the tree.
Are my assets conditioned by EcoTree's financial health? What would happen to my trees if your company were to close or to go bankrupt?
This is a legitimate question. It is as relevant for an entrepreneur as for an international investment bank declaring bankruptcy after a global financial crisis. The key point with EcoTree is that you are the owner of your trees from the date of purchase. We thereby apply the French legal principle of movable property by anticipation (‘bien meuble par anticipation’). Legal precedents have been constant on the matter. The buyer of a movable property by anticipation is vested with the right on the property sold as soon as the sale is concluded (CA Rouen, 28 September 2005, No. 03/00014, JurisData No. 2005-285674). In addition, EcoTree owns a forestry group that manages the forests for sale. A 60-year lease is set up between the forestry group and EcoTree with commitments (forest maintenance, transfer of wood ownership, etc.) in exchange for a rent. If EcoTree were to go bankrupt, the buyer of the forestry group would be obligated to respect all the commitments of the lease. Your assets are therefore totally unrelated to the financial health of EcoTree. In any case, EcoTree is doing very well and does not intend to stop here. New institutional investors have joined EcoTree, demonstrating the group's sustainability today and its potential in the future.
I would like to stop using EcoTree now; can I get my invested starting capital back? When would it be interesting to sell my trees?
EcoTree is not intended to ensure the liquidity from its investors forest assets before the end of a revolution (a life cycle of a tree). Indeed, unlike a financial product, the value of the investment lies in our long-term commitment to good forest management. It is therefore essential to consider this investment as a long-term investment without a liquidity guarantee mechanism. The investor may nevertheless decide at any time to transfer his assets to a third party, except for legal persons whose transfers are supervised. The investor may transfer his property rights to any other third party of his choice. Once the designation of a beneficiary has been notified to EcoTree, the initial rights and obligations of the investor will be transferred to the beneficiary. EcoTree may also offer you to buy your trees back within 6 months of the date of purchase. In general, it must be said that a tree acquires its capitalized value at the end of its life cycle, when it is cut. Only time can allow you to bear the fruits of your investment. Naturally, EcoTree will notify you at the best time.
What is the difference between a tree subscription and a classic purchase?
As its name suggests, the 'Tree' Subscriptions option allows you to acquire trees automatically every month without having to take care of it or even think about it. Simply fill in an online order on our website and you're done. As its name suggests, the tree subscription allows you to acquire trees automatically every month without having to take care of anything else. The subscriptions allow EcoTree to anticipate demand and to build forest engineering and management plans that are as efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible over time. That is why we encourage this form of tree purchase. With a tree subscription, you will have exclusive access to original and sometimes rare species, or to trees with particularly short cutting horizons. You will further have access to exclusive articles on our blog; and each year of loyalty is rewarded with an additional tree (one for every tree in your subscription).
Which trees will I acquire each month with a subscription? Who chooses them and with which criteria?
EcoTree's forest manager, Vianney, composes the subscribers' tree baskets every month, based on the new forests acquired by EcoTree, the availability of species and their use for biodiversity. His expertise and originality promise beautiful baskets. Please note that our subscribers are prioritized when it comes to original and sometimes rare species, or to trees with particularly short cutting horizons.
Do the trees chosen for me every month with the subscription exactly match the previously fixed amount?
Not necessarily, as it is impossible to reach the correct amount every month. It would be a shame not to let you enjoy a variety of beautiful trees because they exceed the amount of your monthly payment. This is why EcoTree makes sure the annual sum of your payments corresponds to the value of the trees picked for you over the year. Thereby, the value of your tree portfolio with a subscription will always be higher than or equal to that of a portfolio consisting of classic one-off purchases.
With my tree subscription, I have noticed that the value displayed on my personal space is not always in line with the amount of my investment. Why?
The idea of ​​the subscription is to propose a combination of different species that do not always cost the same. We therefore add trees to your portfolio that are sometimes more expensive and sometimes cheaper than your monthly investment. But don't worry, EcoTree makes sure the annual sum of your payments corresponds to the value of the trees picked for you over the year. Thereby, the value of your tree portfolio with a subscription will always be higher than or equal to that of a portfolio consisting of classic one-off purchases.
Can previously purchased trees be added to a tree subscription?
Your past purchases cannot be part of your tree subscription, but the ecological and patrimonial impact of a tree acquired on an ad hoc basis is equivalent to the one acquired through a subscription. Of course, both will be visible on your personal account.
Can I end my tree subscription at any time?
You are free to stop your subscription at any time, just let us know by emailing us. We will then send you a cancellation form by email. The withdrawal of your subscription will be effective no later than three working days after the return of the form. You will of course remain the owner of all your trees acquired up until the withdrawal date.
Can I offer a subscription, and how?
Once you have subscribed to a subscription, you can absolutely decide to offer it - and when you want to do so. To do this, simply log in to your personal space and then go to the "Subscriptions" tab. Add your beneficiary and select the subscription you wish to offer. You must then choose to notify the beneficiary by sending them a gift card by e-mail or by choosing to print it yourself to deliver it by your own means. Note that in order to take possession of your subscription, your beneficiary must enter the gift code indicated. Do not hesitate to resend it to your beneficiary (an e-mail can be easily looked over or sent to spam, and a printed gift card can be easily lost). On our part, if they don't enter their gift code, we can re-send it three times (to the extent that you have filled in their e-mail correctly), while also letting you know every time we do so.
Can I offer a gift subscription to young children who aren't yet old enough to sign up for a personal EcoTree account?
Absolutely! Either designate a legal representative and offer them the subscription by filling in their e-mail address; or, you can keep the subscription on your account and, as soon as the children are old enough to have their own e-mail address, you can transfer them from your personal space (in the subscription section). To better materialize this gift, you can edit a gift card at the time of transfer.
I'm offering a Tree Subscription; do you offer a gift card that I can deliver in person?
We have, of course, planned for this option. When you decide to transfer the subscription (from your personal space, in the subscription section), you will be asked to edit a gift card. You then choose the image that suits you best among the various proposed, write the message you want and simply print it out. Note that to take possession of your subscription, your beneficiary must enter the gift code indicated.
Can I offer my own trees, and how so?
From your personal space, you can decide to offer any tree(s) in your wallet whenever you want. To do this, simply log in to your personal space and then go to the "Gifts" tab. Add your beneficiaries and then make the selection you want to offer. You will then have to choose to notify your beneficiaries by sending them a gift card by e-mail or by choosing to print it yourself to deliver it by your own means. Note that to take possession of their tree(s), your beneficiaries must enter the gift code indicated. Feel free to resend it to your beneficiaries (an e-mail is quickly looked over or send to spam, and a printed gift card can be lost). For our part, if they don't enter their gift code, we can resend it to them three times (to the extent that you have filled in their e-mail correctly), while also letting you know each time we do.
May I offer trees to young children who are not yet old enough to have an EcoTree personal account?
Absolutely! You can either send the tree gift to a legal representative of the child, or keep the gift on your account until the child is old enough to have an own email address. You can then proceed to the transfer in the gift section of your personal space. You also have the possibility to create a personalized gift card when sending a gift.
Do you offer sending gift cards along with tree gifts?
We have of course provided this option. At the moment you decide to transfer a tree in the gift section of your personal space, you are given the possibility to create a gift card. You can select a picture among different choices, insert your text and then print out your gift card! Please note that to take possession of their tree(s), your beneficiaries will have to enter the indicated gift code.
Are you planning to expand your offer to other regions of France?
The EcoTree initiative only makes sense if our offer extends to all French forests in difficulty and whose sustainability can be improved. With this in mind, EcoTree wishes to extend its offer to the entire French territory.
What happens if my trees fall down or get sick? How can unforeseen events affect me or put me at a disadvantage compared to my neighbours?
The purpose of the EcoTree concept is clear: by financing trees, you participate in the development of a whole forest, and you benefit from the product of the cuts made on this area, in accordance with the general terms and conditions of sale. Even if something happens to your trees, EcoTree will make sure that all investors benefit from the harvest according to the formula set out in the general terms and conditions of sale.
What happens in the case of a forest fire?
Considering the current location of our forests (Brittany, Sarthe, Île de France, Limousin), the risk of forest fires of natural origin seems rather low. In any case, our teams are on the ground every day and ensure the sustainability of the forests.
What happens in the event of a storm?
Storms, but also climate change, are natural hazards affecting forests, which need to be taken into account but that are beyond anyone's control. However, at EcoTree, we have done everything in our power to reduce the risks: First, we try to adapt the species we plant to climate change. We use a diversity of species. We favour uneven-aged management (where young and old trees of different species coexist) and natural generation. And we identify wind corridors. Secondly, to further reduce the risk, we offer trees located in different areas. Lastly, it's worth noting that by becoming the owner of one or several trees, you are taking part in the renewal of a whole forest. You'll therefore benefit from the output of the cuts made for the entire area, as set out in the terms and conditions.
Do you offer insurance?
EcoTree and its forestry group are insured for civil liability and in the event that they fail to meet their obligations of good forest management. Our insurance also covers all damages referred to in the Directive 2004/35/EC of the European Parliament and Council, i. e. negative, serious and measurable changes to a natural resource and/or the ecological functions it fulfils, consisting of damage to protected soil, water, species and natural habitats. However, risks related to natural hazards, fire and disease are not covered.
What are EcoTree's commitments in terms of forest management?
EcoTree and its forestry group strive to ensure that your trees grow under the best possible conditions. Our meticulous forest management is overseen by one of our co-founders and forest managers, Vianney, himself. The rigorous maintenance of our forests includes mushroom treatments, clearing, pruning and thinning to ensure your trees are planted in a way that allows their optimal growth. Finally, EcoTree and its forestry group favour a silvicultural approach known as 'close to nature'. In view of this philosophy, we avoid monoculture and favour different age classes within the same forest plot. We further prefer natural regeneration to clear cutting methods, avoid brutal cuts that could damage our soils and favour a leafy / softwood mixture to improve biodiversity and allow for better tree resistance.
Does your forestry follow a reasoned and biological process?
The forest is a living environment whose integrity, stability and prosperity are highly dependent on species diversity. In this complex environment, equilibrium is provided by animals, plants and bacteria. From these intrinsic virtues arises a certainty: The more complex the forest - in terms of mixtures, structures, micro-contexts, interfaces - the more it will be resistant, multi-functional and, therefore, productive in the long term. Recognizing this, EcoTree has adopted a nature-based silviculture based on minimum interference and relying on the notion of resilience. Indeed, anything that modifies the natural functioning of the forest (reduction of biodiversity or guilds, excessive rejuvenation of the massif, oversimplification of the structure of afforestation, significant reduction of dead wood, modification of the disturbance regime, etc.), is suspected of modifying more or less strongly the biodiversity and the functioning of the forest ecosystem. This is also why EcoTree is committed to using no chemicals in its forestry. Only natural fertilizers are used during planting. In the fight against insects, EcoTree uses mechanical methods (against hylobius, for example, mixing of species, webs and birds nests, refusal of clear cuts) or existing organics (introduction of insect predators that target phytophages such as Carabidae Coleoptera, Cleridae, Rhizophagidae, Coccinellidae, Asilidae Diptera, Syrphidae, Hymenoptera or Formicidae). Against cervids, a natural repellent, Trico (sheep fat), will be used. When clearing, cleaning is manually done and possibly mechanically; in any case, there is no chemical treatment with glyphosate. Finally, if a system of anthropic disturbances were to be declared, EcoTree would develop the approach to tackling this system through observing the resilience of the forest. Ultimately, EcoTree's management aims to harmonize innovations with the laws of nature, and therefore, make the most of the natural production of forest goods and services.
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