98% of projects financed

98% of projects financed

Forest owners ?
Finance your forestry project
with Forest Subsidies!

Thanks to an innovative system of financial support!

3 innovative subsidies with 98 % projects carried out

Institutional philantropy 

Numerous companies commission us to fund forestry projects for them to provide financing for

Companies' obligation
to offset

Numerous organisations have offsetting obligations. We help them set up their projects to benefit forest owners.

Financing program based
on the FFN model

Based on the model of the National Forestry Fund, we substantially finance the valorisation of a forest in exchange for a share in the harvest

Submit your project!

The EcoTree team is here to accompany you in your seach for funding for forestry projects

98% of the projects submitted to us are financed!
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La presse en parle

"Do you want to save the planet and make money? That's EcoTree's deal"

"Just like a lord owns his land, you can become a tree-owner with EcoTree "

"To turn trees into savings - that's exactly what you can do with EcoTree"

"How can you invest and do the environment a favor at the same time?"

Grow your savings while helping out the planet"

How does it work?

In under 7 days, we propose financing

Describe your project

Tell us about your forests, your farming land, their surface, your mode of management, the tree population, and of course the projects you would like to set up.

We discuss the project

We study the forestry project with you and define the financing program you are eligible for

Your project
is financed

Our forestry experts validate the projects, with the help of our legal experts and financing managers

Who is the Forest Subsidies for?

To all the owners of forest or farmland who are looking for financing

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A question? Need some advice?

If you have questions about Forest Subsidies,
feel free to contact us. At EcoTree, you're directly in touch with the experts.

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