Faouët Forest, France

Grow corporate social responsibility into an investment

EcoTree is a simple, groundbreaking way to reward businesses supporting sustainable forestry.

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Faouët Forest, France

EcoTree is a simple, groundbreaking way to reward businesses supporting sustainable forestry.

csr that pays

Can corporate social responsibility really make a difference?

It absolutely can! At EcoTree we take CSR initiatives beyond the good they do for the planet. We offer a simple, trackable way to make corporate social responsibility profitable. Here’s how.

For the planet

Investing in our forests is a simple way to end green washing. Together we’ll contribute to the protection of Europe’s trees.

For your customers

We’ll help you communicate your contribution to CO2 capture and biodiversity preservation to boost your sales and loyalty.

For your stakeholders

We produce sustainable timber from our mature forests of trees owned by you. Your trees will grow 2% in value each year.

The why

Why EcoTree is good for business


of Europeans see climate change as a serious problem.


believe a company taking action on climate change is more innovative and competitive.


of our Forests by EcoTree are in Europe.


of your tree’s profit goes to you, when it’s eventually selectively cut for sustainable timber.

Source: Eurobarometer

take action now

3 offers for a flourishing business

Carbon Capture

Go beyond offsetting your carbon footprint

Custom forest & tree-planting packages

Contribute to the planet’s CO2 sink

Help preserve plant and animal life

Company Gift

Give the company gift of a lifetime

Gift a living, breathing tree

Recipient can track it online or visit

Value doubles over its lifespan

Customer Loyalty

Reward and engage your customers with trees

Offer trees as loyalty rewards

Show thanks with forestry projects

Communicate your engagement to increase sales

Proud partnerships

These companies are already making a green impact with us

protecting the planet

Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

EcoTree’s three main environmental benefits contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We’re passionate about growing evidence that forests can provide and flourish at the same time.

Responsible production

We grow vibrant forests that eventually provide the sustainable timber we all need to thrive.

Climate action

Forests by EcoTree are vital carbon sinks that help counteract climate change.

Life on land

Our forestry puts the preservation of biodiversity at the heart of what we do.

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