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How EcoTree works

How do I see and get info about my tree once I’ve bought it?
You get an online account with all your tree’s info, including an approximate location. If the forest is open to the public, you can visit!
Do I get a certificate or other proof that I own my trees?
You do get a certificate! It’s stored in your online account. Your tree ownership is also recorded in an independent register.
Why do we need to plant trees anyway?
Trees are just so nice to look at. They smell great. Plus a walk in the forest has proven relaxation and mental healing powers! Click below for more scientific reasons.
Does the price of my tree include all taxes and fees?
There are no extra fees or taxes to pay once you’ve paid for your tree. Hooray!
Are the trees I buy already planted or will they be planted in the future?
Your trees could be growing already or planted in an upcoming planting season. You can find out which on your tree sheet.
What happens to my tree once it’s cut and to the forest it’s harvested from?
Forests forever! The forest continues to grow after your tree becomes sustainable timber.
How long do trees take to reach maturity?
We offer a number of different species of tree at varying ages when you buy them. But all of them will grow for decades.
How much CO2 does a tree absorb on average?
How do you cover your costs when your tree prices aren’t very high?
Why thank you for noticing we don’t cost a lot! We’re in this to bring as many people as we can into sustainable forestry. And for the planet of course. Our prices cover that!
What if something happens to my tree before its expected cut?
Whatever happens to your tree, you will benefit financially.
Why is tree ownership good for the planet?
By becoming a tree owner, you ensure the long-term preservation of the forest as a whole. And you have a personal motivation to protect trees and to protect the forest.
How can I track my tree over its lifetime?
When you buy trees, you set up an account. From there, you can track your trees and all their data throughout their long life.

Buying & giving trees

How is a forest subscription different from a one-time tree purchase?
Our forest subscriptions allow you to support the long-term sustainable management of our forests and access exclusive benefits.
How do you choose which trees I get each month with my forest subscription?
Our foresters use their expertise in sustainable forest management to choose the right trees for you.
Can I give a tree or forest subscription to a child?
You absolutely can! We want to help you grow the next generation of forest lovers and share in their tree-owning journey.
Can I give my tree to someone else?
Yes you can! Giving trees is a beautiful green gesture. Log on to your account and we’ll show you how to do it there.
Can I offer a forest subscription as a gift?
Yes, the greatest gift of them all! The forest. Simply purchase the subscription and we’ll show you how to give it after.
Does the cost of the trees added to my subscription each month always match the regular amount I pay?
This is normally the case and if there is ever a difference, we make sure it’s to your benefit.
Can I add trees I’ve bought individually to a forest subscription?
Yes, in the sense that their ecological value is added to your subscription, but not their price.
Can I stop my subscription at any time?
Definitely. You’re not tied into any commitment if you’d like to stop paying and just enjoy the trees you have.

EcoTree guarantees

How do I get money back when my tree is felled?
The money from the eventual cut of your tree is paid directly to you.
What happens to my trees if I die or you are unable to contact me?
Unless otherwise specified, your profit transfers to your beneficiaries.
How does the value of my tree grow 2% every year?
The value of your tree increases to reflect the average growth of a tree, which is 2% every year.
If EcoTree were to close down, what would happen to my trees?
Whatever happens, you remain the owner of your trees.
I want to opt out, can I get back my initial investment now?
You cannot claim the value from your tree until it is felled. But you can sell your tree and transfer ownership to someone else.
Are EcoTree’s forests insured?
Yes! Click below for details about our insurance.
What happens if my tree falls down or it gets a disease?
All investors in a particular area of the forest benefit from the harvest of the individual trees within it.
What does sustainable forestry management actually mean?
At EcoTree, we use a forestry management approach modelled on close to nature silviculture.
How do you calculate the increasing value of the tree and is it guaranteed to grow?
We calculate the expected value of your trees based on reliable economic indicators in collaboration with AMF, the French financial authorities. Our estimate is not a guarantee.

Hot topics!

No but seriously, how could you cut trees down?!
The sustainable management of wood in some forests is actually good for the planet.
But how could you capitalise on and commodify nature?!
Our model is actually the opposite extreme of speculation.
How can I trust this is not some scam scheme?
EcoTree is a French company, controlled by the AMF, a national financial regulatory body. We even have our own ethics committee.
Others offer tree planting schemes for cheaper, so why can’t you?
These offers often don’t allow real, long-term ecological action to grow.
Aren’t honey bees a threat to biodiversity?
Bees play a vital role in pollination and are an integral part of a balanced ecosystem. Plus… honey. Yum.