Give a truly sustainable company gift

Put the pens and mugs back in the box. We’re taking company gifts out of the office and into the forest.

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Trees as presents

The company gift that shows you’re growing together

You probably don’t need convincing that giving trees as a company gift is both innovative and downright good for the planet. Click below to buy individual trees now or read on to explore our different green gift options.

The why

But why is a tree the best company gift ever?

It’s a company gift they’ll never forget. It lasts a lifetime. And if you buy it from EcoTree, it actually grows in value! Here are some more benefits of this sustainable gift.


It’s a gift for good

Their tree will contribute to the fight against global warming by capturing carbon, and support biodiversity over its lifetime.


It’s fun to follow!

This company gift comes with an online account where they can follow their tree’s growth, value and carbon capture.


Its value will double

At the end of its life, their tree will be cut for sustainable timber at minimal impact to the forest. All profit goes to them.

how it works

A green gift that’s simple to give and to own


Contact us and tell us more about your company gift needs.


We help you create the right mix of trees in our forests.


Give your trees to their new owners with a fancy gift card.


The tree owner follows the fun stuff from a personal online account.

Proud partnerships

These companies are already making a green impact with us

The bigger picture

Your gift supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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