Faouët Forest, France

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Everyone benefits when the natural world and all its ecosystems function properly, including your business. Support our diversity projects and help us to preserve, restore and improve our planet’s biodiversity.

Faouët Forest, France

Everyone benefits when the natural world and all its ecosystems function properly, including your business. Support our diversity projects and help us to preserve, restore and improve our planet’s biodiversity.

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Our reforestation projects support forest owners whose land has been affected by overexploitation, climate hazards, disease or fires. In France, 75% of forests are private and owners rarely have the resources they need for reforestation. And that’s where we come in. Through reforestation, we regenerate carbon sinks and preserve the economic, ecological and social function of the forest. With your support, we help bring them back to life.

Miyawaki forests


Primary forests feature native tree species with little sign of human activity. They are typically dense and a great source of biodiversity. Japanese botanist, Akira Miyawaki developed a reforesting method that allows primary forests to grow on soil affected by humans – and in just 30 years! Miyawaki forests grow 10 times faster and feature 100 times more biodiversity than conventional forests. Your support can help us reforest using the Miyawaki method.

Bees and plantations


Bees pollinate most plant species and are essential to life on earth. Did you know that 80% of our food depends on pollinators? It’s true – and that’s just one reason why bees are so important. And yet, they are under serious threat. Each year, 30% of bee colonies disappear and in France, 70% of honey hedges have gone in the last 150 years. However, you can make a difference. By sponsoring a beehive and honey hedge, you can support beekeepers and help create new colonies with rich, biodiverse ecosystems where bees can thrive.



Agroforestry is where trees and crops are grown on the same land. It’s an ecological, ancestral approach that improves a place’s social, environmental and economic conditions through autonomous agriculture. What are the benefits? Well, agroforestry regenerates both soil and natural resources, and leads to much greater biodiversity. At the same time, it gives farmers the chance to diversify and improve their income. Your support will help us transform forests and change lives for the better.

Wetlands and riparian forests

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Riparian forests that line the banks of rivers and streams are some of the most productive and biodiverse habitats in the world. Home to many animal species that depend on the water, they also play a crucial role in water purification and protect soil from erosion and flooding. But these vital, sponge-like wetlands and forests are under threat from urbanisation. By supporting our projects, you can help make sure they are here for years to come.

Why it matters

Build your business strategy around biodiversity


Leave a legacy

The world’s declining biodiversity is now considered the 6th mass extinction. Make your business part of the solution and build a legacy to be proud of.

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Listen to your people

Research shows that 78% of consumers and 76% employees care deeply about a company’s approach to biodiversity. Show them how much you care too.


Be inspired

From high-speed rail based on the kingfisher’s beak to shark-inspired swimming suits, the diversity of our natural environment inspires us to innovate.

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How it works


We work with you to decide what support you want to offer and how we can bring value to your business.


All our projects are at the centre of forest ecosystems – they are traceable and supervised by our experts.


Every year, we send you an annual activity report that explains the work made possible with the support of your business.


These are long-term, sustainable projects, so we continue to monitor the work and report back to you for a minimum of 20 years.


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