Louargat Forest, France

Plant a tree as a sustainable Christmas gift

At EcoTree we grow forests of trees that ordinary people can own, grow with or give as presents.

Choose a tree to give
Louargat Forest, France

At EcoTree we grow forests of trees that ordinary people can own, grow with or give as presents.


Why our trees are a better tree gift at Christmas

It's blooming brilliant that more and more people are giving trees in the forest for Christmas. It makes the holiday season extra meaningful, memorable and sustainable. But here's why it should be our trees!


We give to forests & animals

It's not just the climate that will benefit. Our sustainable forests give wildlife a home.


You can track & visit our trees

Tree owners get to know their forest, tree, its carbon capture and its growth over decades.


This is no donation

We grow sustainable timber. The profit from the eventual cut goes to the gift receiver.


Less waste & home clutter

So much stuff in the world and discarded presents. We're greening up giving!

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A real present

What you get when you give a tree for Chirstmas

We go into the forest and put tinsel and lights on the tree for you. OK, we don't go that far. But we do look after it lovingly for decades. AND you get to choose one of these 3 types of card!

gift card

Give a personalised card from 4 different designs without the postal emissions.

gift card
Gorgeous gift card

Choose the date & design. We'll send your personalised card for the full-blown gift experience!

gift card

Save on paper and emissions from sending your personalised Christmas card.

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Announcing Santa x EcoTree!

This year we're collaborating with Santa to reduce the load on his sleigh and therefore his carbon footprint.


"Buying a tree in one EcoTree's forests means you lighten my load, so I get to everyone quicker, plus the elves use less plastic in toy making. My sleigh is a reindeer-diesel hybrid, so now I don't have to worry so much about my emissions either. Ho ho ho."



Celebrate Christmas in the forest


If you'd like to give something bigger this Christmas, set up a simple forest subscription. Choose how many trees we should plant each month and really bring your gift recipient into the forest.

Grow forests this Christmas
Official stuff

EcoTree guarantees

Financial compliance

We are registered at the French Financial Authority.

Verified green impact

Our carbon capture calculations are officially verified.

100% sustainable

Our forests are insured, certified and sustainably managed.


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