Restauration de zone humide


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Restauration de zone humide

56 - Morbihan

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Trinité Langonnet Forest (56 - Morbihan)

The forest of Trinité Langonnet, with a total area of 90 ha, was taken over by EcoTree in May 2021. It is a wetland and former agricultural land that will be reforested (for 40 ha).

The site is quite exceptional: it is located between several important ecological zones and is therefore integrated within these preserved spaces. It is notably surrounded by the Natura 2000 site of the river Ellée, by a ZNIEFF (a type of natural environment recognized by France) of type 1: the moors of Kermadou which shelter hygrophilous moors of priority community interest, and by the Calotte St Joseph (sandstone hill, the highest peak of Morbihan: 292m) also classified as a ZNIEFF of type 1 and which shelters dry moors and constitutes a very interesting habitat, in particular for harriers (notably the northern harrier). The forest is itself partly labelled Natura 2000.
It is mainly sessile and pedonculate oaks that will be planted and conducted irregularization of the stands.

Trinité Langonnet Forest
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