Planting a honey hedge

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Planting a honey hedge

56 - Morbihan

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The massive decline of bees, particularly in Brittany, is very worrying. "Bees represent 35% of our food through pollination and 65% of food diversity. To consume fruit and vegetables, bees must pollinate, which is important for meat, as well, since animals feed on plants; and if there are no seeds to produce them, there will be no plants. Bees are essential" Henri Clément (President of the National Union of French Beekeeping).

The purpose of this project is to plant honey beams in several hedges that separate the young forest plantations that come from EcoTree and those along the roadside. The objective is to encourage the arrival of pollinators, including bees, and further biodiversity in general.

Provisional work schedule
End of 2019

Mariaker Forest (56 - Morbihan)

The Mariaker forest is located in Morbihan, on land where an abundant forest stands between blue rivers and golden shores.

Discreetly enter this young forest, open your eyes, listen and let yourself be surprised by the wildlife around you: a deer and her fawn waltz through the agricultural land that surrounds this forest. The Mariaker forest was transformed a few years ago and, today, is home to Western Redcedar. The terrain and humid climate are favorable for the development of these trees. Let yourself be tempted by taking a walk to enjoy the sweet smell of the young plants...

Mariaker Forest
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